Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next dance party?
Check out all event listings on our home page ( If an event is scheduled it will be listed on our home page!

How much does it cost to get into an event?
Prices vary by location and event. Please check out the event details on our home page ( .

What ages can attend?
Party is open to High School Freshman through age 20!

Can incoming Freshman attend?
Yes, incoming Freshman are welcome to attend public Night Storm Party events starting in June of the year of his or her 8th grade graduation.

Do I need to bring identification?

What forms of identification are acceptable?
The following will be accepted at the door as a valid form of ID: State Issued ID (Drivers License) Student ID (must show year) Birth Certificate or Yearbook (with picture, grade level, and year) Don't have any of these? Print the Age Verification Form

Is there a dress code?
Check out our rules of conduct page ( )

Can I book Night Storm for my event?
Yes, the entire system including DJ can be booked. Please send a message via the contact page ( or call 715.579.5999

Are there advertising opportunities on
Yes! is available for advertising. Currently receives over 10,000 views per month from teens in the Midwest. Please send a message via the contact page for more information (