Parental Info

Night Storm operates and enforces its rules much like a school would operate its own dances. Night Storm does not allow or tolerate the following: loitering in the parking lot, fighting, drinking (alcohol), smoking, drugs, weapons, bandanas, or knit caps (sometimes gang apparel). No person once in the club may exit and re-enter the club, and Junior High students are not admitted. Night Storm enforces a dress code so no one individual or group will attract special attention. We expect all persons attending to “check bad attitudes” at the door. Our biggest rule of conduct is that everyone who does attend Night Storm has an enjoyable and safe experience.

Night Storm has set up unique security measures to enforce all rules of conduct. We have Garrett metal detectors at the door (like the ones that law enforcement use) to ensure that all persons entering do not have any type of weapon on them. No person can get through, even with a gum wrapper (foil), without us finding it with the metal detector. Scanning of patrons is done simply as a precaution for everyone. We also have, for the first time at a function like this, a trained security team of 8 to 10 individuals (usually including off-duty police officers) dedicated to enforce all of our policies as indicated above. Individuals patrol both the inside and outside of the premises. These individuals are equipped with state-of-the-art 2-way Motorola headset radios to ensure that they are extremely effective with crowd control. As always, we set a tone in the beginning for the “bad element” that we mean business when it comes to enforcing our rules. Any person who does not comply with our rules is not welcome back. We want the chemical-free well-behaved students to come and have a great time in a safe and secure environment where they can be themselves. We welcome any parent/teacher to come out any dance night to observe how we operate.